Fire protection articles


Fire protection articles Cable bridges

Cable bridge made of recycled material

Cable bridge made of recycled material with 4 reflectors and a structured surface. A fastening on the floor is not necessary, due to the high weight of the cable bridge set.
The cable bridge is used wherever exposed cables, hoses or pipelines have to be crossed. They can be strung together as desired up to the desired width.
The cable bridge insert encloses the wires and connects the individual cable bridges via an inflexible tongue / groove connection.

Cable ducts: 2 pieces each à 15/35/55 mm
Weight: approx. 30 kg

Defender III cable bridge

non-slip yellow lid. This carries a tyre load of 5 tonnes (=20 x 20 cm). The cable bridges can be connected to each other by means of individually available cones. All bridges come with a pair of connecting pins. The lid closes on an integrated patented zipper. A full range of accessories extends the Defender III into a flexible system for protecting cables and multicore. The Defender III can withstand temperatures of up to 85°C, the material then becomes softer. The lower the temperatures, the higher the load-bearing capacity, the elasticity decreases.

Defender MIDI

(Art.-No. 7010)
Cable bridge Defender MIDI - set consisting of 3 center and 2 end pieces
The cable bridge Defender MIDI was developed as a solution for applications between the Defender Compact and Defender III. 5 channels, a lower height and a lower weight than the Defender III as well as molded connectors characterize this cable bridge. It is suitable for power cables and smaller water hoses.

Defender XXL

(Art.-No. 7000)
Together with the industry and well-known rental companies, the new flagship of the Defender series was developed with 5 oversized cable ducts, 3 of them suitable for C-hose types of fire brigades (Ø 52mm). High-voltage cables also find optimal protection. The load capacity even exceeds the Defender III modules. Basic module with proven and patented plastic closure. For use on public roads, please refer to your country-specific road traffic regulations.


Fire protection articles Cable bridges


(Art.-No. 7020)
The latest development of the Defender cable bridge series. This cable bridge was developed together with suppliers for major events. The main feature of this heavy-duty bridge are the two oversized cable / hose channels for cables up to 120 mm (e.g., 2 x A hose), break-sensitive couplings or plug housings not below 100mm. For use on public roads, please refer to your country-specific road traffic regulations.

Plug-in conductor made of light metal

according to EN 1147
Spars and rungs made of special light metal profile. The inserted rungs are welded and provided with red, fluted, easily replaceable plastic sheathing. Spar ends with rubber feet. Snap locks made of galvanized steel. End stop to protect the top rung.

Art. 1002 Bottom part A approx. 8,5 kg
Art. 1003 Bottom part B approx. 9 kg
Length 1-part
approx. 2,66 m
approx. 4,58 m
approx. 6,50 m
approx. 8,42 m

Fire protection articles ladders

Plug-in conductor connection part made of light metal

Art.Nr. 1006
With two plug-in conductors made of wood or light metal, a plug-in conductor connection for hose transfer and storage options can be created.
Under the platform is a massive light metal bracing with a bore in the middle to release loads up to a maximum of 300 kg with a cable hoist in a shaft.
Weight approx. 3.0 kg


Fire protection articles tear-in hooks

tear-in hooks

Tear hook, Ø 50 mm according to DIN 14851
Stem made of knot-free pine wood. Hook and coupling made of steel, galvanized and yellow chromated.

Art. Nr. Weight Length
3004 Version A:2-piece with hook and coupling part H and V approx. 7,5 kg approx. 5,0 m
3006 Version C:1 piece with hook and coupling part H approx. 4,5 kg approx. 2,5 m
3007 Version V:1-piece only with coupling part V approx. 3,0 kg approx. 2,5 m

Fire protection articles Hose bridges

Hose bridge according to DIN 14820 made of spruce wood

Art.-No.: 2000
Color red, ends white contrasted. Belt made of UV-stabilized polypropylene, permanently connected with nickel-plated brass rivets. The belt is fastened with galvanized sheet steel underlays and wood screws.

Art. Nr.
Hose bridge
for 2 B-hoses
approx. 11,0 kg
2001 for 2 A hoses (similar to DIN 14820) approx. 15,0 kg