The industry is constantly evolving, and we can react to these developments. Flexible production, modern machines and equipment as well as a high degree of expertise make it possible. The material wood is also evolving: In addition to the many already natural good properties that solid wood has, it is possible to change and adapt properties through laminated and/or composite materials. Weight, shock resistance, decontaminability, stability, etc. are just a few adjustable factors. But not only on the material itself, but also on the finished product, the highest demands are placed: simplified quantity overview, a simplified handling and the possibility to adapt the boxes not only to the product, but also to the pallets, whereby they can be stored and transported in a space-saving manner. Last but not least, user-friendliness also plays a role in use. We manufacture the optimal packaging for your dangerous goods – either according to drawings or according to your wishes.
Due to our distinctive know-how, we are able to develop the right dangerous goods packaging for your individual needs. We can also draw on a portfolio of over 80 approvals and are happy to advise you on the selection of the right packaging as well as on the types of packaging pre-defined by the ÖAG.
Information on the approval of newly developed boxes can be found here.


Dangerous goods packaging

Small caliber ammunition

No matter which sizes you would like to have securely packaged, due to over 80 approvals for dangerous goods packaging, we have the opportunity to respond to your individual format request.

Large caliber ammunition

Of course, we also provide large-calibre ammunition solutions with the focus in your very individual needs when it comes to the right packaging for transport, storage and handling.

Weapons & Systems

We offer our customers tailor-made system solutions - for weapons but also for weapon systems that fall under dangerous goods class II (Y).

Hochpräzise, stabile Werkzeugkiste für Instandsetzung See

KIMU DM15288

Gefahrgutverpackungen aus Holz(-Werkstoff), geeignet auch bei massiven Temperaturschwankungen

Military goods

For optimal handling of military goods, it is of utmost importance that for our customers the packaging is sensibly constructed, stable factors are required, as large weights sometimes have to be transported safely. Various requirements make it often necessary to adjust the packaging to the specific needs of the product and develop a tailor-made solution for our customers in order for them to profit on optimised handling, storage and transport opportunities.


transport and storage containers

Special packaging

For optimal handling of (repair) tools, for example, it requires sensibly constructed, stable packaging, as large weights sometimes have to be transported. Special tools in particular often require custom-made special packaging. The favorable properties of the wood – dimensional stability, elasticity and dimensionally accurate processability – offer maximum protection here. Handling, storage and transport are also optimised by our packaging.