Bundeswehr Equipment


Also, in the field of H-packaging or in the transport of non-hazardous goods, we are happy to assist you with development and design with help and advice.


transport and storage containers

Special packaging

For optimal handling of (repair) tools, for example, it requires sensibly constructed, stable packaging, as large weights sometimes have to be transported. Special tools in particular often require custom-made special packaging. The favorable properties of the wood – dimensional stability, elasticity and dimensionally accurate processability – offer maximum protection here. Handling, storage and transport are also optimised by our packaging.

Military Goods

For optimal handling of military goods, it is of utmost importance that for our customers the packaging is sensibly constructed, stable factors are required, as large weights sometimes have to be transported safely. Various requirements make it often necessary to adjust the packaging to the specific needs of the product and develop a tailor-made solution for our customers in order for them to profit on optimised handling, storage and transport opportunities.